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Our olives are of the Sicilian variety; meaning that they are plumper, crisper, and larger than what you'll find in a grocery store. Don't settle for bland poor quality olives sitting on shelves for weeks when you can have fresh-packed olives with a truly gourmet taste!


Stimulate Your Taste Buds & Impress Your Guests!

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Being a "family" operation, we strive to produce a good quality line of specialty, hand-packed and hand stuffed gourmet olives. Our line has now expanded to 15 different gourmet varieties.

About Our Olives
Our Sicilian cured varieties are made from Sevillano olives. They are picked in the Fall, and then barreled and drained with vinegar, salt, and water. They are cured in the sizzling San Joaquin Valley sun for nine months. Around the fourth of July, they are ready for packing, sizing, pitting & stuffing in glass pack.


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                                                                                                                        House of Breads in Reno

                                                                                                                           1185 California St.

                                                                                                                Is carrying some of our Balsamic

                                                                                                       Dark Aged, 18 yrs old and Cherry, Strawberry 

                                                                                                              Basil Olive Oil and Lemon. This winner




Gilbert Az.

50 E. Civic Center Dr.

April 20-22 

10:00 To 5:00 Daily

Gilbert Civic Center

On the Great Lawn


Mardi Gras

May 26, 27

Morgan Hill CA.

10:00 to 7:00 Sat.

10:00 to 5:00 Sun.


Back to Reno Nv for the summer

At the Farm

June 1st start

All Fri.9:00 1:00

Beckwourth Ca.

CA. Highway 23


Farmers Market

All Sat. June 2nd

California St. Reno, Nv.

1185 California St.

8:00 to 1:00


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